Saturday, March 14, 2015

And then there was this:

We had great hopes for our choice of restaurant for dinner, and as everything else has been so far, it was a mixed bag. Truly wonderful ceviche, topped with a thin layer of luscious guacamole. Oh yeah! So good! And then we both (foolishly, as it turned out) ordered nachos, which came deconstructed AND instead of chips they came on thin fried plantains. Nothing about it worked. If only one of us had ordered a different thing, we could've split it. Oh well.

So we took a walk after dinner, back to the square where we spent some time today. We'd seen them setting up something -- could've been a band, a fashion show (there was a red carpet down the middle), no idea. As we got closer, we heard this fantastic drumming, and as we got closer still, there was THIS:

I have other little videos but they're too big to upload directly into Blogger so I'll have to deal with them another way. Oh I was so happy I was laugh-crying, which happens to be one of my specialties.

We stood and watched several different dances, then stopped for some fresh pineapple, then passed by the set-up we'd seen all day. Turned out they had a gigantic movie screen and rows and rows of plastic chairs. There was a popcorn vendor, the whole thing. Families with kids, mostly, though what they were watching looked like a homemade documentary and seemed kind of sad.

WOW. What a way to close off my day. That made me so happy I can't stop grinning.

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