Sunday, January 4, 2015

Where we're staying

We'll be in Colombia for nine nights, and we're not entirely sure there will be much -- if any -- English spoken. It'll be a test of our tiny bits of understanding of Spanish, that's for sure. Thank heavens for translation apps. Our first two nights we'll be here, in Cartagena (and pronounce it like this: Car-ta-HAY-na. Not -nya.)

Two nights later we'll still be in the greater Cartagena area, but we're moving to the Karmairi Hotel and Spa, which has a really beautiful pool:
Karmairi Hotel and Spa

We leave Cartagena for one night in Medellin (and pronounce that Me-de-JHEEN):
Art Hotel Medellin

After that, we head off to Santa Fe de Antioquia for one night (we don't know how to pronounce that last word):
Hostal Guaracu

From there we drive to San Jeronimo, where we'll stay in a charming little place for three nights:
Hostal La Finca

Only ten weeks to wait for this vacation!

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